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Professional Writer

How can I help? My name is Jonathon and I’m a freelance writer and ghost writer. I ghost write autobiographies and books  If you are interested in  autobiographies please click here.

l can help with a range of writing and editing. Whether you’re an agency wanting help with a press release, or a corporate who needs extra push with a report or bid, please feel free to call me. I work for individuals too.

My career has included major engineering projects, marketing and communications. I even wrote a song for Etihad Airways but that was a one off. I have done work on financial documents for JP Morgan Fleming and press releases for Breitling. Past clients include Bentley, Sony, HM Government and hundreds of small SME and sole traders.

Over the years people have said some kind things about me and you can see them here.

Many fascinating individuals have allowed me to interview them. There is a partial list here.

I am also happy to work with individuals. If you have an important letter, a document or even need help with writing, please give me a call.

If you have an urgent deadline I’ll stay up to help get it finished. If you need a document editing or checked for punctuation or grammar, give me a call or email me at any time.