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I am a ghost writer of autobiographies. Your life is special and you are unique. So I take personal care to get your story just right. If you phone it’s me that answers. Once we’ve discussed your project I come and  interview you. Then I write your book. My wife edits. The only thing we outsource is the book production

I don’t have a stable of writers. I have me. No salesmen, no office. So I can take time to really understand you and your family. You matter to me and I only work on one book at a time.

It’s your choice. Would you rather be taken care of by me, on a unique basis? Or be processed as one of hundreds of projects by a committee?

Quite often people come to me and think they may have a best seller. So far they have all been wrong. Best selling autobiographies are nearly always of celebrities. They are ghost written and come out at Christmas. Usually by January they hit the charity shops unread and then appear at the car boot sales by March. By May most of the copies have been pulped.

Your book is different. It is being written for your family or friends. They will treasure it because they love you. And maybe your great grandchildren will read it long after you’re gone. That’s why we do them not for fame or money.